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Young Tradition Touring Group 2018/2019

Looking for some feedback about the 2018/2019 Touring Group….. if you were involved this year, do what you can with this survey

Since returning on 4/28 from the NY/NJ trip, we’ve been occupied with the Young Tradition Festival (great to see and hear everyone who could make it for the final Touring Group performance at City Hall on 5/4), then a return trip to NY/NJ, then the rest of that week filled with meetings and other obligations that had piled up since 4/19. A cold/illness that had been successfully out-run to that point finally caught up a week ago, and we’ve been low to the ground since, (except for obligations with Fiddleheads at Shelburne Museum on 5/12, the Petting Zoo at Kids Day on 5/11, and World Fiddle Day on 5/18).  Haven’t had the chance to look back until just now!

The Touring Group timeline has several things that need more attention before May is done: finish summarizing finances for the just completed year, draft a budget for 2019/2020, prepare grant reports for this year and proposals for next year, distribute Kickstarter fundraiser premiums, construct and distribute an interest invitation flyer/message. In June we expect to finish a documentary about the Touring Group, zero in on a potential April 2020 tour destination, identify fundraising projects for 2019/2020, recruit a Touring Group manager, negotiate artist leaders for 2019/2020, start to reserve dates and rehearsal and performance locations, and update and distribute audition details.

Hard to believe it was 1 month ago we were on our way to the 1st stop in New York/New Jersey. So many thanks that are overdue – we’ll try to catch up here, knowing someone important is likely going to be left out….. but everyone should know it would not have been nearly the same without them….. everyone at least deserves to be named, and we at least need to give that a try.

Artist leaders…… • Pete Sutherland • Jeremiah McLane • Oliver Scanlon • Addison White

Group members (and their families and friends and supporters)….. • Shannon • Alexander • Tatiana • Ben C • Stella • Maeve • Brooke • Holly • Gaelen • Greta • Meredith • Emily • Hilary • Ben M • Romy • Benjamin • Arati • Madeline • Winslow • Hadley • Fiona • Caroline • Fern • Sebastiaan • Ava • Emerson • Laura

Adult travelers….. • Kristin Bolton • Pierre des Landes • Deb Flanders • Susan Hurd • Janet Kilburn • Michelle Menegaz • Andrew Munkres • Wanda Stetson • Deborah Travis

Hosts and supporters before, during and after the trip….. • Rabia Ashfaque • Teneshia Nash Baird • Kaleena Berryman • Jeff Bushey • Anna Butcher • Regina Carter • Michael Chorney • Ted Chubb • Mark Conklin • Ruby Cotton • Aimee Curl • Alex Deis-Lauby • Evan Delgado • Megan Downes • Rahsona Elder • Curt Fields • Jeremy Gallagher • Melina García • Rachael Gilkey • Verna Gray • Mark Gross • Thomas Harry • Nichelle Holder • Rosa Hyde • Jessica Boogie • Brian Johnson • Carrie Klis • Justin Kiczek • Nate Leath • Dana Lyn • Christian McBride • Anais Mitchell • Cheryl Mitchell • Mick Moloney • John Morning • Danny Nicely • Benjamin Puterbaugh • Larry Prendergast • Jessie Reilly • Rich Ribeiro • Karlos Rodriquez • Carole Schaad • Jesse Schaffer • Ada Schenck • John Schreiber • Mike Smith • Alysia Souder • Larry Tamburri • Melissa Walker • Alyssa Warner • Tyrone Whiting • Lynette Wiley • Cameren Anai Williams • Junius Williams • Alison Scott-Williams • Yazi Zeichner

The organizations, businesses and places who welcomed, fed, accommodated, entertained, supported, inspired us….. • 9/11 Memorial and Museum • AIDS Memorial Park • American Museum of Natural History • Arts High School • Best Western Windjammer • Burlington City Arts • Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine • Children’s Performing Arts Academy • Church of the Village • City Stompers • Elley-Long Music Center • Express Newark Art Space • Film Society of Lincoln Center • Sara M. Gilmore Academy • Gourmet Garage • Grace Church of Newark • Grammy Museum • Hobby’s Deli • Hosteling International New York City • Il Picolo Bufalo • Institute of Music for Children • International Day of Jazz • Irish Arts Center • Jalopy Tavern • Jalopy Theatre and Music School • Jazz for Teens George Wein Scholars • Jazz House Kids • Juilliard School • Kids VT • Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts • Metropolitan Museum of Art • Montclair Foundation • Monteverdi Music School • Naumburg Bandshell Central Park • New Jersey Performing Arts Center • New Jersey Symphony Orchestra • Newark Symphony Hall • Pongsri Thai Restaurant • Poughkeepsie Day School • Premier Coach • Rock Point Center • Rutgers University • Seven Days • Seven Stars Arts Center • Slainte Bar & Lounge • Strawberry Hill Fiddlers • Summit School • Turrell Fund • Union City Music Project • Van Vleck House and Gardens • Vermont Folklife Center • Vermont Youth Orchestra Association • Walter Kerr Theater