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Touring Group Interest Survey

Time to let us know if you’re interested in the next round of the Young Tradition Touring Group.

Nothing to do at this point other than filling out this brief form.

Auditions, other details, etc. still to come. This survey is one of the first ‘gates’ moving forward: are there enough folks interested to continue planning?

3 immediate considerations schedule-wise, assuming we have enough interest and enough members willing to make the commitments by sometime in August…..

  • rehearsals…… starting in September…. I’ve targeted 1st Saturdays September through April (TBA location)….. BUT that awaits confirmation from whoever the artist leader will be, which isn’t set yet :(( hoping that’s somehow arranged by the end of the month…. late December rehearsal retreat would be 12/26 12 noon through 12/28 12 noon
  • Vermont concerts….. starting in January-April…… same evening as rehearsals…… final performance 1st Sat in May, evening, as part of Young Tradition Festival
  • tour…… most likely starting sometime around Saturday April 18 and continuing through at least Sunday April 26, pending ongoing destination negotiations

When you complete the form, you will be on the ‘interested’ list, which means you’ll get additional info about auditions, schedule, etc.

Please note….. e-mail is not everyone’s preferred format, but its what we need to rely on for sending updates, requests and other communications related to the Touring Group. You’re going to miss important opportunities, deadlines and a lot of details if e-mail is off your radar.

Feel free to forward this message to others you think might be interested.

Mark Sustic

Here are some quotes from members who part of last year’s Touring Group, in response to the question: ‘If you were talking to someone about being interested in the Touring Group, what would you say to them?’:

  • Come jam.
  • Young Tradition touring group is an amazing experience. You form very close friendships, have lots of fun and the performances are so great! It is overall just super fun and a super valuable experience.
    Touring group is a life-changing experience, and it will forever be a part of my life. It gives you friends that share the same interest and passion for music as you do, and you learn so much from it, both as a person and a musician.
  • Being in the touring group is like living in the real world – a place where you can observe different communities, cultures, types of music, and add your sound. No matter who is in the group, we will make a sound, and it will shock you. The pure energy of the group spreads like wildfire.
  • It’s a lot of fun, and you not only learn a lot about traditional music and playing in a large scale band but also build meaningful relationships with other members of the group.
  • This group is a great opportunity to improve musical abilities. It also can introduce you to music outside of your usual traditional genre or style. It is also an excellent chance to go on a tour. The whole experience of the tour is truly inspiring and life-changing. You have the opportunity to meet incredible musicians and to experience different musical cultures, which will make you a more well rounded player and person. The amazing relationships that are built in this group are ones that will last a lifetime.
  • The Touring Group is like a second family who is encouraging and kind to anybody who wants to join, learn and have fun!
  • You should definitely do it! It’s so fun and everyone is super nice. The music sounds amazing and it’s so fun to be part of the group!!!
  • The tunes are great and the experience of playing music together is awesome but being with a really accepting and fun group of kids that love music as much as I do is absolutely amazing!
  • Incredible music immersion opportunity with amazing instructors and a talented group of kids offering friendships that last long after the touring experience.
  • This is such a great group of kids who love to play together and really take care of each other! You’ll learn some great tunes and advance your musicianship, but you’ll also likely make some great friends.