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Touring Group Applications, Auditions and more

Application and audition information for the  2019/2020 Touring Group was distributed on June 30th to last year’s members and those had completed an interest survey in early June. If you or someone you know is  interested, we can send it to you with a request to mark.sustic@gmail.com.

Those who are interested need to complete the application, then follow through on the audition expectations here.   All of that needs to be completed by August 15th.  Its best to apply and audition early vs. putting it off, in case all available slots get filled prior to the August 15th deadline. The Touring Group season begins with rehearsals in early September and ends in early May 2020.

There are some changes for 2019/2020 for those who are returning from previous years. Mark Sustic continues to be Manager, but will be joined by Kristin Bolton and Andrew Munkres, Managers-in-Training (shared role) who will be teaming with and eventually replacing Mark as Touring Group Manager over the course of the next 2 to 3 years). Oliver Scanlon is the adult Artist Leader. He will work with the Touring Group during rehearsals and Vermont performances but will not be part of the April tour (unless he decides to be one of the traveling adults). Oliver will work with Romy Munkres (Youth Artist Leader) to prepare the program the Touring Group to present.

Romy’s role as Youth Leader for the Touring Group is part of an artistic commission she has been selected for. More about the commission another time, but her selection was based on some of the following criteria: 20 or younger, previous experience with the Touring Group, a winner/finalist at the annual Young Tradition Contest, and has made a commitment to prepare a program with a smaller group for the annual Young Tradition Festival in late April/early May Weekend and at other events as an ambassador of Young Tradition Vermont.

Rehearsals are planned for 1st Saturdays of the month (starting September 7, 2019), from not earlier than 12 noon to not later than 5pm.  Performances that happen in Vermont will be scheduled the same evening as rehearsals after the new year (no performance dates or locations are confirmed yet). The late December retreat will start on December 26th at 12 noon and end not later than December 28th at 12 noon. Rehearsal locations TBA, but some will certainly happen at the Elley Long Music Center in Colchester. We expect that the retreat will happen at the Rock Point Center (new name for the same place as before: Bishop Booth Conference Center in Burlington).

At present, our April tour destination focus is on Japan, but there are details that still need to be worked out. Positives include finances (all expenses covered except for air to and from); 5 Touring Group members did a trial visit in November 2017 to see if it could work for the larger group and it was a highly positive experience, and so far, everyone seems excited about it. And there are challenges to consider: distance (30+ hours of travel time each way); language; a 2nd Vermont group there at the same time with an expectation that would coordinate at some level with them; variable air fare pricing, an itinerary at the mercy of the host’s priorities (not all music/dance related); great experience but thin on specific Japanese trad music and dance; and our ongoing capacity/ability at hosting reciprocal visits when they come to Vermont.

The photo books for the NY/NJ tour this past April just arrived – we had to have them redone after the first batch arrived a couple of weeks ago because a printing error.  Cost is $25 per book, check made out to Young Tradition Vermont (or just ‘YTV’). Won’t be able to work on distributing them until after July 7th. Any ideas about drop off location welcome. If you’d like it mailed, you’ll have to send the $25 plus $3 (assuming) for shipping.

Questions/comments? Write to mark.sustic@gmail.com.