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Fiddleheads rehearsal 8/3/19 for Rokeby Museum on 8/18/19

Fiddleheads completed the 2nd of a 2-part residency with Yasi Zeichner on 8/3/19 (1st part was 7/13/19), working on material that will be played on 8/18/19 between 1pm and 4pm at Rokeby Museum in Ferrisburgh. More info about that here.

Videos of 2 tunes taught on 7/13/19 were The Eagle’s Whistle and A Fig for A Kiss. Audio recordings for 2 tunes taught on 8/3/19 and 1 tune taught previously can be found here: I Have Two Yellow Goats, the Lilting Banshee and Ward’s Jig).

Please send an e-mail to mark.sustic@gmail.com if you can confirm attending the 8/18/19 performance. You should plan on arriving 30 minutes early (12:30pm) so that Yasi can run through the tunes with everyone prior to performing them. You don’t have to have attended either or both of the preparation rehearsals on 7/13/19 or 8/3/19, but you should arrive knowing at least 2 or 3 of the tunes well enough to play them at a moderate tempo with others.