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Vermont Banjo Afternoon at the Vermont Historical Museum 8/3/19

Carling Berkhout, Loula Zeichner and Uma Peters played for a full house at the Vermont Banjo Afternoon August 3rd at the Vermont Historical Museum in Montpelier, presented by the Vermont Historical Society and Young Tradition Vermont.

In 2018, the Vermont Historical Society was gifted a rare early 1900s banjo made by the Bacon Banjo company of Forest Dale (Brandon) Vermont. The event was an opportunity to explore this instrument, after a preview with Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn, and how it differs from today’s instruments, with 3 young banjo players, 2 from Vermont (Louli and Carling) and 1 from Tennessee (Uma).  Uma was joined for some fiddle/banjo tunes by her brother Giri – the siblings were in Vermont as performers at the Festival of Fools in Burlington the same evening.

Time Argus article here.

A few videos from the early part of the program…..

Uma https://youtu.be/27fgneONAys

Loula https://youtu.be/5IT_yK9Vbwc and https://youtu.be/XfrxP25wWv8

Carling https://youtu.be/0y5wEuA9KKo and 2a https://youtu.be/JKY7QX67o_o