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Touring Group Update

Thanks to all who attend the 2nd Touring Group rehearsal at the Elley-Long Music Center on 10/5/19.  Appreciation to Facilities Coordinator Brian Johnson for coming on a Saturday and making sure the space was available for us.

Theme for the day was ‘sticking with it’ – commitments to the group, learning and practicing the material, attending the rehearsals. We will be together for another 8 months to work on something that will be new and fun and worthwhile, something will take all of everyone’s best effort, focus and commitment.

We had a good discussion talking about some members of the group playing at the Climate Strike on 9/20/19 at City Hall in Burlington, and in response to the question: what could we do about this group’s impact on climate change? No plastic water bottles at Touring Group rehearsals and performances was one decision everyone agreed to.  Everyone also agreed that we should work on arranging a carbon offset for the air travel we will be doing in April.  More info to come.

2019 sponsor banner

Everyone traveling with the group (members, leaders, managers, other adults) is expected to sell sponsor banner spots as one of the group fundraisers.  Contact a group member or mark.sustic@gmail.com if you’re interested in being listed as a sponsor.  Sponsors pay $100 (or more) to have a name listed on the banner, which will be displayed wherever the Touring Group performs starting in January – Vermont concerts in Barre, Greensboro, Randolph, Colchester and Burlington, and during the April tour.  Names on the banner can be individuals, families, organizations or businesses – there is room only for names, not more than 5 or 6 words – not logos, designs, special fonts, web pages, addresses, etc.  The banner will also be posted on the Young Tradition Vermont web site and Facebook page.

Next rehearsal is 11/2/19 at the Elley-Long Music Center in Colchester.  Just this time it starts at 12 noon (not 1pm), ends not later than 4pm (not 5pm).

Errogie Set composite prepared by Mark Zelis: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G8qjBEWfUQiD8c79th6ZOo7lV7N3YdKE/view?usp=sharing

Touring Group at 10/5/19 rehearsal (2 members missing)