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YTV Funding Appeal

Thanks to Sarah for hosting, plus Yasi, Nowa and Mark, the YTV Development Committee got the 200+ fundraising appeal letters copied, stuffed into envelopes, stamped, licked, signed, combined with quotes and written comments on the evening of 10/9/19 at the King’s in Jericho – sticking with it for 2 hours (instead of the scheduled 1 hour).  The letters have been mailed and we’ll find out soon how beneficial the effort and investment was.  If you don’t get one by 10/15/19, and you’d like a copy of the letter, we’d love to send you one! – send your name and mailing address to mark.sustic@gmail.com.

From an early age, we are encouraged to avoid taking the initiative. ‘Do your homework. Take out the trash. Wait to get picked. Wait to get called on. Become popular. Fit in. Maybe stand out, but just a little bit.’ Failure is far worse than not trying.  

The alternative is to take some initiative. On behalf of those you seek to serve.  There’s plenty of it to go around.