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Baird 5 Music Session 11/18/19

Collin, John and Kyle were guests musicians for the Baird 5 session on Monday November 18th. Joining as part of a Turrell Fund site visit for YTV was Evan Delgado, who followed up with John, Kyle, Eric and others when they played at Honky Tonk night at Radio Bean on Tuesday night.

A couple of children visited, plus a couple of parents and a few staff, and a couple volunteers.  Many of the children on the floor that night were in isolation and unable to join in the activity room, so attendance in the room was thin Рbut the music knew no barriers and everyone heard and commented as it drifted through hallways and open doors.  Everyone who came and heard from different parts of the floor said they loved it.

Looking to December, on 12/16/19 6:30 to 7:30, the session will feature ‘the Burlingtones’, the student lead choir from Burlington High School, including Touring Group members Maeve and Lila.