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Beaton~Plasse 11/15/19 and 11/16/19

Thanks to all who helped make a ‘sandwich’ out of Beaton~Plasse’s (Andrea Beaton and Veronique Plasse) visit to Burlington on 11/15 and 11/16 at the Integrated Arts Academy and the Burlington Violin Shop, hosted by Young Tradition Vermont – a school performance, a concert, a workshop.

Every year, about once a month, YTV arranges to have performers come in and play, sing or dance for students, staff and families during Friday meeting at Integrated Arts Academy in Burlington. On 11/15, because they were in town for the sold-out evening, these two amazing musicians from Canada – one from Cape Breton Island, and the other from Quebec – played for the entire school community. These Friday meetings are great, at least partly because the students are one of the best audiences in Burlington!  Thanks, as always, to Emily, Piper, Bill, Kevin and everyone else at IAA.

That same evening for a concert and the next morning for a workshop at the Burlington Violin Shop, we heard testimony and evidence from two great ambassadors of Cape Breton and Quebec music. We did not hear anything about Ukraine or tweets from the US President – just pure, unadulterated, fantastic fiddling.

Thanks to the generosity and enthusiasm of our partners at the Burlington Violin Shop – Kathy, Oren, Linda, Rachel and the whole crew there – for welcoming us, again and again. Thanks also for consistent support from the Turrell Fund, the Greene Fiddle Program, Professional Postering and Distribution, and Church Street Marketplace.

3 YTV board members were present for the concert: Selma Zjakic, Mark Sustic and Danielle Devlin. Extra thanks to Danielle for introducing the musicians at the concert and providing accommodations and meals.

Thanks also to everyone who has participated so far in the YTV fall/winter fundraising appeal, which helps support these and many other YTV activities. We are just a few hundred dollars short of our goal for this year. If you’ve already contributed, thank you. If you haven’t and might consider, we’d love to send you information – mark.sustic@gmail.com.