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É.T.É on 10/31/19

Thanks all who welcomed É.T.É at the Burlington Violin Shop on Halloween.  Halloween is not only about putting on a costume, it’s also about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves (adapted from Elvis Duran). 

Appreciation as always to Rachel, Kathy, Oren and the crew at Vermont Violins….. Danielle for the support before, during and after, and the intro……  Chris for the marketing work…… Bill and his crew for postering…… most especially everyone who helped fill the room and braving the heavy rain and wind to get to and from.  There were long lines of utility trucks driving down interstate 89 from Quebec the same afternoon, anticipating all the power outages and flooding that happened….. no problems at the violin shop – É.T.É – Élisabeth Moquin, Thierry Clouette and Elisabeth Giroux – provided its own!