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Touring Group Rehearsal 11/2/19

Thanks everyone involved for the rehearsal on Saturday – arriving on time, helping clean up at the end.

We are now 1/3 done with rehearsals. Only two months left to have everything to be learned presented by the artist leaders, ready to launch the new year with performances and fine tuning the program, the presentation, all the details. We are now diving deep. That will pay off when we all need to be ready to go – for the late December retreat, for the Vermont performances in Barre, Greensboro, Randolph and Colchester, for the trip to Japan in April.

Everyone is doing great working on the material prior to rehearsals. Oliver and Romy are offering really great material that we can all be proud to be associated with. Confidence about how its going with the program couldn’t be higher.

The December 7 rehearsal starts at 1pm, ends at 5pm, at Elley Long in Colchester.

Peter Lynch from Green Across the World will be with us to talk about Tottori, Japan, GATW, etc. We also expect Yukari Muramoto Dougherty, the Japanese language teacher at Essex High School. Peter has traveled to Japan many times, including organizing dozens of student trips. The reason we have an opportunity to travel to Japan is in large part due to Peter’s initiative, support and assistance.

Everyone is working on recruiting for the  sponsor banner – December is when we look for the third and final sponsor for each group member and traveling adult. At the rehearsal we heard from several folks about how they have been approaching this responsibility.

Everyone now has raffle tickets to sell. Contact mark.sustic@gmail.com you are interested in tickets to buy or sell on our behalf.  If you need tickets to sell, we can mail them to you.

For the April tour, we have some major organizing and planning still to do to ensure that everyone has an instrument arranged that they play during the trip. Anything larger than a violin, mandolin, etc. will need to have a flight case if the instrument. Hard travel-worthy cases for banjos, guitars, etc. are essential. We will continue to explore a lot more for sources for loaner instruments there, and we will want to be clear about what the arrangements are before the end of December. If you have a flight-worthy case for a harp, guitar, banjo, etc., something we might be able to rent or borrow that last full week of April 2020, we’d love to hear from you!

Kristin Bolton, Andrew Munkres and Mark Sustic are working together on management of the Touring Group, and plan to be part of the April trip. Michelle Menegaz, Mark Zelis, Scott Acus and Rebecca Starks are other adults (and parents) we expect will be traveling as well. All adults traveling have specific roles and responsibilities, including chaperoning duties.

During the retreat at Rock Point Center, we are hosting an alumni reunion starting at 7pm. Touring Group members and adults from previous years will be invited to visit, hear a bit about what the current group is up to, play some music informally, etc. If you know any of them, please let them know about it and encourage them to be there! We will have a poster invite soon, and can get you a copy of that to distribute as needed.

Somewhat dependent on how much progress we’ve made by then, we intend to use at least part of the last rehearsal prior to the April trip as a recording session for a Touring Group CD. Duncan Yandell has offered to assist us with his expertise and the recording gear he has. More about that to come.

Happy birthday Winslow (11/22)!

Mark Sustic

When you get, give. When you learn, teach. Maya Angelou