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16 March 2020

Young Tradition Vermont cancellations

Young Tradition Vermont cancellations, verified on 3/15/20 by the Board of Directors. Disappointment is certainly at play, for everyone. The COVID-19 situation is the major variable. We aren’t canceling these activities without careful consideration of the risks (personal and organizational). If you are involved with any of these specific cancellations, you can expect additional detail, and feel free to ask for details.

With some exceptions, we are focusing on making cancellation decisions no more than 30 days in advance, in the hopes that a 30-day window gives us the chance to assess the situation on an ongoing basis vs. cancelling all scheduled activities. It also allows us time to possibly create on-line/streaming options.

The following events and projects are cancelled, effective today:

  • 3/16 Baird 5 music session at UVM Medical Center
  • 3/20 Pete’s Posse at Integrated Arts Academy
  • 3/30 Alash at Burlington City Arts
  • 3/31 Alash at Rivers Arts (Morrisville)
  • 4/4 Young Tradition Youth Commission rehearsal at Elley Long Music Center
  • 4/4 Young Tradition Touring Group rehearsal, recording session, concert at Elley Long Music Center
  • 4/6 Instrument Petting Zoo and TBA performers at Big Change Roundup at UVM Medical Center
  • 4/11 Young Tradition Youth Commission at FlynnArts
  • 4/11 Young Tradition Youth Commission at New England G.I.R.L Expo (South Burlington)

Even though they are slightly beyond the 30-day reach, these 2 projects/events are also canceled effective today:

  • 4/17-4/26 Young Tradition Touring Group, including the alternative New England/Quebec trip and a proposed local recording/video session – a final gathering will be scheduled for a TBA date, if possible, before 7/1/20. More info for group members and parents soon.
  • 4/27-5/2 Young Tradition Festival….. 5 evening concerts, 5 post concert sessions, 5 school visits, contest finals, mentor/teacher showcase – this is cancelled, not postponed, and will not be scheduled before spring 2021.
    The banjo class that started 3/10/20 that was previously cancelled will now be made available in an on-line format…. those who are taking the class will be getting additional info.

Yasi Zeichner (President of the Board) and I will work on doing the 4/5 Board of Directors meeting remotely or reschedule it beyond the 30-day window.

As of now, all other events into mid-summer will remain as scheduled, to be re-assessed on or before the 30-day marker or based on other variables, as listed here:

  • 5/8 Katie McNally Trio CD release concert at Burlington Violin Shop
  • 5/9 Fiddleheads rehearsal with Dominique Dodge at Burlington Violin Shop
  • 5/16 World Fiddle Day at Burlington Violin Shop
  • 5/19 Baird 5 music session at UVM Medical Center
  • 5/22 Farewell Reunion at Grace Church (Sheldon)
  • 6/6 Youth Commission and Zeichner Trio at the Meeting House on the Green (East Fairfield)
  • 6/11 Pete Sutherland and Oliver Scanlon concert at Burlington Violin Shop
  • 6/13 Fiddleheads rehearsal with Dominique Dodge at Burlington Violin Shop
  • 6/20 Fiddleheads concert with Dominique Dodge at Carolan Festival (Worcester)
  • 7/9 Brenda Castles and Eimear Arkins concert at Burlington Violin Shop
  • 7/24 Instrument Petting Zoo at Charlotte Public Library
  • 7/27-7/31 Trad Camp at Lake Champlain Waldorf School (Shelburne) (plus 4 evening events at Shelburne Farms, Fletcher Free Library and the Intervale)
  • 8/3 Instrument Petting Zoo at Swanton Public Library

It takes a lot of ‘knot-tying’ to arrange the things YTV does…. hundreds and hundreds of big and small decisions and actions, phone calls and e-mails, involving dozens and dozens of people and organizations. Untangling/untying those knots is just as much work as tying them together in the first place, probably even more so because we’re not as experienced at reversing direction. Its a lot less growth-oriented, a lot less exciting, potentially more costly – for us, for the people and organizations we work with and support and partner with, and for the people we help support – artists, educators, partner organizations, businesses, funders.

This is an initial cancellation message for hundreds of people and organizations we feel should know. We are also sending this general announcement via mail chimp, web site, social media, e-mail, phone calls as needed. The Youth Commission and Touring Group will be contact priorities because of the short timing for events at Elley Long Music Center on 4/4.

Mark Sustic