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2020 Touring Group shirts

We’re ordering Touring Group shirts this year, by popular demand, even though we’re not doing the Japan trip as planned.  Instead of ‘Japan’ on the back for 2020, we’ve used the Japanese flag image, a rising sun with rays shooting out from the center.  We’ll all know what that means, and will know what to say if anyone who doesn’t asks.  Wanted to acknowledge all the work and hope that went into making Japan possible, but didn’t want to name it outright since we didn’t actually do the trip.

Front and back design below.  Maroon color.  Long sleeved.  We are only printing what has been pre-ordered, currently most group members and a few others who requested.

If you want to be sure you have one, send an e-mail to mark.sustic@gmail.com as soon as possible with how many total shirts, and what size (only small, medium, large and extra large available – no youth, gender, XXL or other special designations).  Cost will be not more than $30.  Delivery arrangements to be determined after they are ready.

back of shirt……

front of shirt, design by Pete Sutherland……