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12 May 2020

18th Farewell Reunion

18th Farewell Reunion featuring the Zeichner Trio & Romy & Ben Munkres

May 22nd starting at 7pm, ending by about 8pm.

The 18th Annual Farewell Reunion happens on line this year. We’ll miss the acoustic wonders of Grace Church in Sheldon, but not the chance to see and hear some great music on the Friday evening prior to Memorial Day.

The Zeichner Trio is a family band based in Central Vermont. The 3 Zeichner siblings play traditional Irish and Old-Time/Appalachian music, on fiddle, uilleann bagpipes, 5 and 4-string banjos, tin whistle, vocals, and Celtic harp. They have performed at festivals, concerts, and private events across their state. Yasi is President of Young Tradition Vermont and Manager of 2 of its programs: Trad Camp & Young Tradition Festival. More info at

Romy Munkres has been playing fiddle with her brother Ben for more than 6 years, and together with their parents for over 10 years. She also plays flute and does many styles of percussive dance, including step-dancing from Appalachia, Cape Breton and Ireland. Ben Munkres plays trad piano with his sister and jazz piano with the Middlebury Union Middle School jazz band. He also plays French horn at school and with the Vermont Youth Orchestra. Both have been part of the Touring Group for 5 years, participating in tours to Ireland, Cape Breton, Japan, Scotland in metro NY/NJ, and won the 2017 YTV Contest.

Yasi, Louli and Oliver Zeichner will be at home in Northfield and Romy & Ben at home in Cornwall while the rest of us watch from wherever we choose. Proceeds benefit the Tom Sustic Fund. Join us and help support our year-round efforts to assist families with children in life-altering situations at UVM Medical Center in Burlington and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Hanover.

In 2002, after Tom Sustic died after a 2-year struggle with leukemia, his father Mark Sustic left after working for 20 years coordinating early learning and development programs in Franklin County. There were plans afoot for a big party/celebration, but Mark really REALLY didn’t feel like celebrating. So he suggested putting on a farewell concert that would bring together the professional friends he had/was leaving, and a host of musical friends who would perform. So that was done, and it was a success. The folks at Grace Church insisted we do it again, so we repeated it in 2003, and called it the Farewell Reunion. We’ve kept doing it every year since 2002. Technically this is the 19th year, but it wasn’t called a reunion the first year.

You don’t have pay to watch, but we’re suggesting a $10 donation or mail to YTV, PO Box 164, Fairfax, VT 05454. More info from Link to YTV’s Facebook page

More info on the web site here: