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Katie McNally Trio 5/8/20

Thanks to Katie, Neil and Shancey for making the online concert happen on 5/8/20.  You can join the nearly 3,000 who have already seen it on the YTV Facebook page at this link https://www.facebook.com/YoungTraditionVermont/videos/599729603975959/    You can also continue to offer contributions, all of which go to the musicians.  And you’ll hear more from and about their new CD, which is available for pre-release purchase.

This was previously scheduled as a performance at the Burlington Violin Shop (among our most willing and supportive partners whenever we propose something like this).

We hope to do a few more events like this over the summer. More details to come on the YTV web site www.youngtraditionvermont.org and on the YTV Facebook page, or you can send a message to mark.sustic@gmail.com.  Next up is 5/22/20 at 7pm for the 18th annual Farewell Reunion featuring the Zeichner Trio and Romy and Ben Munkres.