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Touring Group ‘happy hour’

The Touring Group had a 2nd Happy Hour via Zoom on 5/23/20.  Thanks to all for joining in!

Moria Smiley joined in as special guest.

The next get together via Zoom is scheduled for Sat 6/20/20 at 1pm to not later than 2:30pm. This could be the last one we’ll do, unless we need Zoom for rehearsing.

In the advance message sent out about this meeting, group members and adults were asked to create a 1 or 2 word message on a piece of paper to hold up for everyone to see. The prompt was: ‘How do you feel right now about everyone involved with the Touring Group?’  Mark’s word was HOPEFUL – about the future of the Touring Group, but a little ragged around the edges at present, and not very colorful (he didn’t have any paint or colored markers to use)….. each letter in HOPEFUL represents something that applies to this group in total: HUMBLE, OPEN, PASSIONATE, EXCELLENT, FUN, USEFUL, LOVEABLE….. the images at the bottom were from flags in Japan and Quebec, the places we’re still hopeful about making connections with…… We recently heard from our connection in Japan about planning something again in the not-near future, and Quebec is where the Touring Group could be next April, assuming everything works out.

The Touring Group shirts are done now.  The color is not maroon as anticipated. Its pacific blue instead. The company that had the maroon shirts closed down because of COVID-19, and no one else had that color in long-sleeved, 100% organic cotton shirts. How to get them to distributed is the next challenge. We’ll mail some of them, and we’ll hand deliver the others, especially those in the Burlington area.

We announced the violin raffle winner on 5/2/20. Someone in Burlington won. Not sure who sold the ticket-probably bought at the Burlington Violin Shop. The person who won was excited and surprised, but after talking about it with his family, he decided to donate the violin back to YTV! He said he wanted to support more than just by buying a ticket that happened to be the winner.  If you find yourself in Burlington Violin Shop, it would be great if you could say thank you to them for making all of this possible.

Thanks to Oliver Scanlon, we all sang along on ‘Crossing the Bar’.  We couldn’t sing and hear everyone all together at the same time on Zoom, so we had one person, sometimes 2, singing each of the verses, mostly the folks who have had that part in the Touring Group arrangement.  When one person was singing, everyone else had to be on mute, but singing along as if we were all together at a rehearsal or performance…. no one was allowed to lip-sync!

Plans for a CD recording and/or music video, considering the 7/1 deadline is not going to be possible. There are still some ideas we’ll be working on for a final project…… a video of the whole group using Acapella or some other app…… a final performance option is a confirmed performance at the New World Festival on 9/6 (9/7 rain date), knowing that some members might not be available, including those we will be off to college.  New World Festival will require scheduling a rehearsal, maybe the day or night before.  More info to come.

Timeline and planning for 2020/2021…..

  • 6/1-8/15 recruitment/auditions, review recruitment poster
  • TBA recruitment open house (on line)
  • 6/1-8/15 settle artist leader, youth artist leader, manager positions
  • 9/1-December on line rehearsals
  • 1/1 we will end at the new year if there is not a vaccine available and/or physical distancing is still in effect
  • 12/27-5/1 otherwise we will resume in person or on-line rehearsals starting with the usual retreat in late December and performances starting Jan 2021

There will be no trip payments for anyone until Dec 2020….. but fundraising projects will need to start in Oct or Nov. Destination assumption is Quebec, but we still need to link with a youth-oriented school or organization sponsor before confirming. The April tour, if still COVID-19 restricted, could be on-line visits with former partners in England, Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton, New York/New Jersey, etc.

Screen grab from Zoom, though  not everyone was in the frame…..