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Violin Raffle

The winner of the 2020 Touring Group violin raffle was announced on 5/2/20.  Bob W. of Burlington was the surprised and appreciative winner of the $5,500 valued instrument built at and donated by Vermont Violins (thanks again Oren Kronick and Kathy Reilly!).  After considering his need for the instrument, discussing with family, and wanting to do something more for the organization, Bob has decided to donate the instrument back to Young Tradition Vermont.

Wow!  So not only did we have the revenue from ticket sales to support Touring Group activities, we now can repurpose the instrument for another time, another year.  Thank you Bob and his family, and thanks to everyone who were part of making the raffle a success.

Questions or comments at mark.sustic@gmail.com.

Nia & Mairead with the raffle violin at the 3/2/20 Altan concert