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11 May 2020

Young Tradition Contest and Violin Raffle Announcements 5/2/20

YTV announced the winners of the 2020 Young Tradition Contest and the winner of the Young Tradition Touring Group violin raffle on Saturday May 2 at 6pm on the Young Tradition Vermont Facebook page.  You can watch the entire event at this link:

2019 contest co-winners Nora Rodes and Spintuition performed, Kathy Reilly from Vermont Violins talked about the raffle violin, YTV Board President and Young Tradition Festival Manager Yasi Zeichner announced the contest winners, and YTV Executive Director Mark Sustic and Deborah Travis did the violin raffle drawing.

This was our first attempt to combine a Zoom platform for announced guests and Facebook Live for everyone else – it worked well enough that we plan to use the  same format for a variety of other events.

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Contest winners and finalists:

  • 1st place: Andrew Caden
  • 2nd place: Abi Sandy and Sebastiaan West
  • 3rd place: Francois-Felix Roy
  • Finalist: Giri and Uma Peters
  • Finalist: The Kowal Family Band
  • Finalist: Brothers Luper and Simon Lace
  • Finalist: Owen Kennedy
  • Finalist: The Carter Girls
  • Finalist: Émilien and Lauryane Durocher
  • Finalist: Benjamin Foss

Violin raffle winner was Bob W. of Burlington.