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Leadership Transition Feedback

Mark Sustic intends to transition from YTV Executive Director not later than February 2022. Seems like a long runway, but time flies and there’s lots of other things to attend to constantly. The Board of Directors has started a planning process for a replacement and would appreciate any and all perspective(s).

Here are some related questions, which we’ll carry into upcoming committee and board meetings…. answer them all, or just pick what you want….. or ask your own questions (good questions are often better than good answers). With the YTV mission (inspire-learn-perform-serve) and current core values/principles (diversity/inclusion/equity-collaboration-sustainability-affordability-high quality) in mind……

  • what are the qualities the current YTV Executive Director has that should continue with a new person?
  • what are qualities the current YTV Executive Director doesn’t have that a new person should?
  • if you were to imagine someone you know of who would be a good candidate, who would that be, and/or what is it about them that would make them effective in this position?
  • if you were interviewing someone for the position, what questions would you ask?

Send your comments to YTV Board President Yasi Zeichner at yazbozz@gmail.com and/or YTV Executive Director Mark Sustic at mark.sustic@gmail.com.