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Teacher Directory

Did you know the YTV web site has a directory of private teachers?

Great resource if you’re looking for a teacher and a great opportunity for teachers to have a place to let folks know if they are teaching something related to trad music/dance.

Clicking on names will take you to their website or provide you with additional contact information.

It is not a comprehensive list, and is only as accurate as information has been provided to us. ¬†We don’t guarantee that these teachers will have availability for new students, or that there are currently teaching.

Currently the list includes Emma Back, Sarah Blair, Matthew Brouard, Hannah Assefa, Dominique Dodge, Hollis Easter, Joanne Garton, Andy Greene, Sarah Hotchkiss, McKinley James, Jackie Lewis, Peter MacFarlane, Iain MacHarg, Tom MacKenzie, Laura Markowitz, Jeremiah McLane, Hazen Metro, John Mowad, Annabel Moynihan, Brian Perkins, Eric Recchia, Mary Ann Samuels, Oliver Scanlon, Pete Sutherland, Katie Trautz, Julia Wayne, Tessa Anderson, Yasi Zeichner