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2020/2021 Touring Group Application Open

The Touring Group is one of about 30 programs operated at any one time by Young Tradition Vermont www.youngtraditionvermont.org. Applications and auditions happen July through mid-August. If interested, complete the application, then take care of the audition details after you’ve done the application (application and audition explanation links below).

Our plans for the Touring Group are of course contingent on the status of the COVID-19 virus. Adjustments include having all rehearsals between September and early to mid December done on line vs. in person. If there is not a vaccine and if physical distancing, stay-in-place or border crossing restrictions are still in place in mid/late December, we will plan on alternatives to any gatherings and travel in the new year.

With those considerations, we are proceeding with plans for group member recruitment and auditions, rehearsals, fundraising, performances and an April tour (Quebec will be the focus). We will determine the feasibility of continuing and adjust accordingly as the virus situation progresses/changes. If physical distancing and travel restrictions are still in place, and a virus vaccine is not available by mid to late December, we will proceed without any in-person rehearsals or performances, or travel in April. Instead we will do on line rehearsals and performances and make alternative plans for April (for example – virtual visits with contacts made during previous Touring Group tours in England, Ireland, Cape Breton, Scotland, New York/New Jersey, Japan).

Its best to apply and audition early vs. putting it off, in case all available slots get filled prior to the deadline.

If you are an adult (20 or older) interested in traveling with the group during the April tour, don’t complete the application linked here – send a note to mark.sustic@gmail.com for a separate application for adults.

Links for the application form, audition explanation and additional information:

Young Tradition Vermont (www.youngtraditionvermont.org) has supported thousands for young musicians and dancers over the years, including some who have transitioned to performance careers, and many who continue to make trad music and dance part of their lives. In prior years the Touring Group has visited and performed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton, Japan, and metropolitan New York and New Jersey. We had to cancel a trip by the full group to Japan in April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some videos and additional links for additional reference:

Mark Sustic
Executive Director and Founder of Young Tradition Vermont
Manager of Young Tradition Touring Group
mark.sustic@gmail.com 802-233-5293