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7 June 2020

Trad Camp cancelled for 2020

After much consideration and weighing options, we have decided to cancel Trad Camp for 2020. A lot of mixed feelings about it but it seems the best/safest course of action considering the number of people, the travel, and the type of activities involved. We will be reimbursing everyone who has already paid.

We are working on making some fun virtual material from our instructors available (with a donation option) to campers/families who are interested. We had some super fun things planned for camp and this will just be a taste of that! There might even be a virtual core instructor concert during what would have been camp week.

Sending you all lots of musical energy! Wishing you the best in finding safe in-person ways to connect with friends, families, communities. Maybe some of what we can share on line can inspire people to gather safely in-person to exchange tunes, songs, dances.

For more info contact Yasi at or Mark at