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31 July 2020

Last Day of Trad Camp

Today (July 31) is the 5th and final day of Trad Camp 2020. Hope you can join us.

Mark and Yasi will continue to co-host the online sessions at 10am and 1pm.

We continue to learn about doing the sessions on line. Hopefully our obvious lack of experience with the technology doesn’t distract from the great stuff folks can see and hear on the videos from core instructors. Transitioning smoothly from one video to another just never seems to go perfectly, but we think we’re getting a little better each day. Recordings of all sessions this week will continue to be stored on the YTV Facebook page.

Because they made the commitment long before the pandemic restrictions, we made a commitment to pay core instructors this year, but without the tuition income from campers. Donations are really important. Do what you can, which helps us do what we do. You can pay via the link, or by mail to YTV, PO Box 163, Fairfax 05454.

Our intent was to make most of the morning sessions this week focus on things other than just learning tunes, just fiddling, but the majority of the submissions we got were tune-oriented, fiddle-oriented. As a result, there will be tune-oriented videos this morning as well as this afternoon, and the afternoon sessions still will be a bit faster paced.

Videos of sessions can be viewed as often as you wish on Facebook, and they will eventually be available on the YTV YouTube channel and the YTV web site

This morning will be videos with Ada Schenck and Annika Amstutz teaching some basic repertoire tunes, and this afternoon, starting at 1pm will be videos from Sam Bartlett teaching a polka tune and Pete Sutherland with Tristan Henderson focusing on syncopation for fiddlers.

Trad Camp week concludes this afternoon from 4pm to 5pm on Church Street Marketplace in front of the Burlington Violin Shop with Pete, Brian Perkins and Yasi (maybe some guests). Please join us – this is the only in-person event for Trad Camp this year. Be sure to wear masks and respect 6-feet social distancing.

There are actually 2 Young Tradition Vermont events at the violin shop today. One is at 12 noon, YTV’s summer-long collaboration with the violin shop – lunch hour concerts with different musicians every Friday. Today its with Pete Sutherland and some of the young folks he gives lessons to. Its not a Trad Camp event but is obviously compatiable.

If you you’d like to be on the mailing list for 2021 Trad Camp, send a message to the YTV web site ( or to Yasi at or me at