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26 July 2020

Trad Camp 2020

Trad Camp begins Monday July 27th and continues through Friday July 31st. This is the first time Trad Camp is being done on line, and we’ve had some challenges setting up what we had envisioned….. hope you can stick with us.

Trad Camp will be on FaceBook Live on the Young Tradition Vermont Facebook page Between 10am and 11am each day, and again between 1pm and 2pm, you’ll see videos prepared by this year’s core instructors. You can come back later and watch them again if you want, as many times as you wish. Once posted, they’ll be there whenever you want to come back. We also plan to post them on the YTV YouTube Channel and on the Trad Camp part of the YTV web page

The 10am to 11am session each day will focus on things other than learning tunes – stuff like singing, dancing, playing accompaniment instruments e.g. guitar, ukulele, etc. Some will be performances just to sit back and listen to. The 2nd session each day – from 1pm to 2pm – will focus on learning tunes with melody instruments e.g. fiddle, mandolin, etc.

Most of the videos from core instructors are stand-alone – they last as long as you see them on the video – but at least one is in a sequence: you’d watch the 1st one 1 day, the 2nd one the next day, etc. Remember, you can go back another time and look at the sessions as you wish on Facebook, YouTube or the web site.

Some of the videos and photos will be from previous years at Trad Camp. We have some ‘why I like Trad Camp’ testimonials and past crankie shows we’ll share if there’s time. These also include instructional clips by core instructors from the past, and some short performances by special guests.

Again, these sessions remain on the YTV Facebook page, most indefinitely. They will also appear on YTV’s YouTube channel and on the YTV web site. We have more core instructor videos than we can include during the week, but we expect that EVERYTHING will be included on the YTV YouTube channel and the web site.

Reminder that donations help make this work for YTV financially. We’re suggesting $5 per each 1-hour session. For most events – including those on line – you don’t have to pay to participate, but contributions make it worth the efforts to present them. In this case it helps us support instructors who continue to see most of their income evaporate since pandemic restrictions began. It matters when you make a contribution at You can always mail a check to: YTV, PO Box 163, Fairfax, VT 05454.  Or you can use this scalable image:

The week concludes on Friday July 31st from 4pm to 5pm on Church Street Marketplace in front of the Burlington Violin Shop in Burlington with a live presentation by local core instructors and guests (maybe some campers too). Not sure if we’ll be able to, but we’ll try to life-stream on the YTV Facebook page. There will certainly be some after the fact videos and photos on Facebook and the web site. This is going to be fun! If you have questions, requests, comments, etc., or you’d like to be on the mailing list for 2021 Trad Camp, send a message to Yasi at or Mark at