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Church Street Marketplace Finale 9/4/20

After 11 weeks of noon hour concerts on Fridays in front of the Burlington Violin Shop on Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, the finale wrapped up with the Errogie Set, appropriate given that all the folks playing were moving into the 1st Touring Group rehearsal the next morning.  Thanks to Ellie for turning her solo gig into a blast of friends including Fiona, Emmet, Pete Sutherland, Hadley and Maeve.  Huge thanks to Kathy Reilly and the crew at the violin shop for cooking up the idea and  making sure it happened!

Thanks Jesse Stowell for the video post: https://www.facebook.com/jesse.stowell.5/videos/3459165127473465/UzpfSTExMTAyNDQyODM6MTAyMjMzMTU5OTg4NjQxMzQ/?notif_id=1599394863881179&notif_t=tagged_with_story