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Online Concerts and Interviews: 10/30/20

Millie will perform with her father Murray on 10/30/20 at 7pm on YTV’s Facebook page, the 1st in a series of online concerts and interviews by current and alumni members of the Touring Group.

These are 15 to 20 minute performances – some solo, some with in combination with other group members, some with an accompanist of choice – is an opportunity for those who are interested – it is not a requirement of current or past Touring Group membership.

Participants pre-record 10 to 15 minutes of music in advance on YouTube and schedule a date and time to show the video and do a live interview with Mark Sustic. The programs will last approximately 30 minutes inclusive of the pre-recorded video and the live interview.

Performance material isn’t required to be Touring Group songs, dances, tunes – it can also be partially or completely other material.

A $5 donation is requested from those who view the program. Proceeds are split between participating group members and Young Tradition Vermont, all to support this year’s Touring Group project, which started rehearsals in September and will continue through a final project in late April.

Donations can be made at PayPal.me/YTVermont. More information at YTVermont@gmail.com.