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Youth Commission CD Release 1/15/21 7pm-8pm

The 2019/2020 Youth Commission has completed their CD project and everyone invited to see, hear and hear about the trials, tribulations and accomplishments of this small ensemble of young musicians led by Romy Munkres, the first ever Youth Tradition Vermont commissioned artist. Joining Romy will be group members Abi Sandy, Hadley Stockwell, Fern Tamagini-O’Donnell and Ben Munkes. Information about ordering the CD will be shared.

Special guests will be the 2020/2021 Youth Commission ensemble led by Maeve Fairfax with members Anya Hardy-Mittell, Eme Zelis, Hadley Stockwell and Ben Munkres.

Romy, Maeve, group members and Mark Sustic will participate live on 1/15/21, talking about their involvement with the the project and what will be seen and heard in pre-recorded video segments. The 20019/2020 ensemble will be featured in 3 or 4 performances, the 2020/2021 ensemble will debut 2 performances of material they have been working with Moira Smiley, and both groups will perform a segment together to finish the hour.

The program will be streamed live on the Young Tradition Vermont Facebook page at 7pm on 1/15/21.
Romy and Maeve will reprise some of the pre-recorded material for a virtual performance segment at the Flurry Festival in mid-February.

Thanks to everyone who helped along the way, including Colin McCaffrey and R. Howard Wooden for helping create a CD everyone is proud of, to the family and friends of group members, the mentors who have been so generous with their time and ideas (Moira Smiley, Alex Kehler, Jeremiah McLane, Pete Sutherland, Deb Flanders, Beatrix Methe and others), and the Nelson Family Foundation for encouraging and supporting the Youth Commission project.

More info at YTVermont@gmail.com.