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The Flurry: Dancing in the Cloud with Romy Munkres and Maeve Fairfax 2/14/21 12 noon

Young Tradition Vermont will be represented by Romy Munkres and Maeve Fairfax and the Youth Commission at the 2021 Flurry Festival: Dancing in the Cloud on 2/14/21 12 noon-12:30pm.

The Youth Commission released a CD project on 1/15/21.  Romy and Maeve will talk about the trials, tribulations and accomplishments. Information about ordering the CD will be shared.

Romy and Maeve will talk about their involvement with the the project and will share some pre-recorded video segments of both last year’s and this year’s ensembles.

Thanks to everyone who help make this project possible, including Colin McCaffrey and R. Howard Wooden for helping create a CD everyone is proud of, to the family and friends of group members, the mentors who have been so generous with their time and ideas (Moira Smiley, Alex Kehler, Jeremiah McLane, Pete Sutherland, Deb Flanders, Beatrix Methe and others), and the Nelson Family Foundation for encouragement and financial support.

More info at mark.sustic@gmail.com.

With over 150 sessions, Flurry’21: Dancing in the Cloud will have something for everyone! Take a look and start mapping out your own schedule at https://www.flurryfestival.org/attend/schedule/

Worried about missing a session? Much like the in-person Flurry, some sessions may overlap. But have no fear, you can go back and see the ones you missed! For Standard and Friends of the Flurry Level tickets, you will get six months of access to archival video from most of the weekend’s sessions. Buy yours at https://www.flurryfestival.org/flurry21-tickets/

You’ll love it!  https://www.flurryfestival.org

Romy Munkres


Maeve Fairfax