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Matthew Brouard online interview and pre-recorded performance 1/22/21 at 7pm

Touring Group members and alumni have have been doing online interviews and performances on YTV’s Facebook page since late October 2020 and are currently scheduled into mid-February.

Next up is Touring Group multi-instrumentalist Matthew Brouard on 1/22/21 starting at 7pm. Coming up after that will be 1/29 with Hilary Menegaz-Weitzner, 2/5 with Fern Tamagini-O’Donnell, 2/12 with Gillian and Maeve Fairfax, TBA in late February with Caroline Dressler and Giulia Haible.

These events include a 15 to 20 minute pre-recorded performance and an online live interview on Facebook with Mark Sustic. Interview and performance combined last 30 to 45 minutes total. Performance material isn’t often Touring Group songs, dances, tunes – it is most often completely different repertoire.

$5 donation requested. Proceeds support of the Touring Group, which started rehearsals in September 2020 and is scheduled to continue through a final project in late April 2021.

If you want to catch up any that you’ve missed, or want to watch again, or want to pass it forward to others, the YTV Facebook page has all previous interviews and performances.

Donations at PayPal.me/YTVermont or by mail: YTV, PO Box 163, Fairfax, VT 05454. More information at YTVermont@gmail.com.