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10 January 2021

Successful Annual Appeal

Thank you for the annual appeal contributions!   The financial part is always important, especially now.  But of equal importance over the long term – past, present, future – is the endorsement it represents that we’re on the right track. Our attempts to continue under current circumstances is only possible with assists from friends. Thanks to all for answering the call.

Last year the appeal total was $11,180. At the turn of the year we had received 134 contributions totaling $14,396! The average contribution was $108. Nearly 20% of the total came from board members and staff. Over 30% came from past and current program participants and their families.

Contributions are welcome at any time of the year. Mailing address is: YTV, PO Box 163, Fairfax, VT 05454, or you can pay online at

Some of the quotes that came with contributions…..

  • It is our pleasure to donate. You are definitely on track with both YTV and the Tom Sustic Fund and we certainly plan to continue to support in the future. YTV certainly did manage to accomplish quite a bit over the past year. I hope that the momentum resumes when it is safe to be out and about. We are keeping our fingers crossed (for) a somewhat normal state in 2021. (Andy and Linda S)
  • Thank you for all that you give. . . Wishing you continued spark and many places for you to help keep our hearts open and our folk music strong! …… a simple ‘thank you’ for all your work and heart. (Moira S)
  • Thanks for all that you do to bring soul-healing music to people. I’ve always appreciated your humility while doing this work of love. I hope you find plenty of beauty and light in this dark season. Much appreciation…… (Abbie H)
  • Many thanks for all you do to keep the traditions going by getting kids involved. (Solveig O)
  • Keep the flame lit! (Hilari F)
  • Good luck to YTV in 2021! I look forward to seeing you when the world opens up! (Terry C)
  • ….. thanks to you, for all you do for good music, especially in these challenging times. We’re fans, for sure. With all good wishes…. (Mary O)
  • The work you do in keeping this kind of music so vital and sharing it with the next generation really inspires me. Music is peace. (Joan G)
  • Thank you for your gift to the children and the community, (Chris, David and Jesusa K)
  • I so believe in YTV, and it’s been amazing to watch it thrive and grow. I’ve also been enjoying the virtual programming during the pandemic! (Kristen I)