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Baird 5 Pediatrics music sessions

The Waterwheel Foundation awarded a grant to Young Tradition Vermont in 2020 to support the music program on Baird 5 Pediatrics at the UVM Medical Center.  So far there have been 17 musicians involved, all but 2 between the ages of 12 and 19 (the others are parents accompanying their children on other instruments).  Additional musicians have expressed interest and will be added in the coming weeks and months.

We have coordinated with Burlington City Arts and Child Life staff on Baird 5 to expand viewers with access to videos to include anyone at the UVM Medical Center, not just on Pediatrics.  The musicians pre-record videos which are available to patients and their families via a web site hosted by Burlington City Arts.  All musicians, including parents of those who are minors, granted permission for this wider distribution, and all are participants in other Young Tradition Vermont programs e.g. Fiddleheads, Touring Group, Youth Commission.

This arrangement will continue until virus protocols are lifted and we can resume in-person sessions.  We remain convinced that this effort is important, necessary and worthy.  There is a heavy toll that being in the hospital takes on anyone, especially young folks and their families, magnified by virus protocols and compounded by necessary social isolation.

Despite the challenges, this adaptation to the Baird 5 sessions has provided Young Tradition Vermont with the opportunity to continue bringing what we do to young folks and their families receiving care at the UVM Medical Center.  Appreciation to Waterwheel Foundation (and Phish of course!) for making that possible.