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13 March 2021

2021 Young Tradition Festival

The 2021 YT Festival is ON (line) the first Saturday and Sunday in May.  Spread the word!

  • We asked if anyone would be interested, sending surveys in late February/early March……
    50 responded ‘YES’ when asked if they would be interested in entering the contest as an online contestant (entry deadline is 4/15/21, 10 finalists will be featured on 5/1/21, awards will be announced that same evening)
  • 17 teacher/student combinations responded ‘YES’ when asked if they would be interested in participating in the mentor/mentee showcase the evening of 5/1/21.

The Vermont Folklife Center and YTV will co-present the tribute program on 5/2/21 afternoon featuring current and past master/apprentice combinations supported by the VFC’s Vermont Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program (VTAAP).  Established in 1991, the program was created to support Vermont’s living cultural heritage. It brings together master artists and apprentices dedicated to keeping traditional arts vital and relevant to the communities who practice them and beyond. In addition to supporting communities in retaining and invigorating their cultural identities, the program focuses on assisting individual artists in achieving their goals.

To ensure a successful weekend, we need a couple of $100 sponsors for each of the 3 events.  Please let us know if you or others you know would be willing to have your name, your family’s name, your group group, your organization, your business, your festival or camp, your charity, etc. included on publicity (posters, press releases, social media, web site, etc.), announced at all events, and included on a sponsor banner.