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12 March 2021

Burlington Irish Heritage Festival 3/13/21 through 3/17/21

From Saturday the 13th to Wednesday the 17th (St. Patrick’s Day), the Burlington Irish Heritage Festival has a feast of education and entertainment through live events and special recordings to celebrate Irish culture. YTV will be represented on 3/16/21 by Sarah Blair and Fiddleheads as part of a Greg Delanty poetry reading that starts at 6pm (Sarah and Fiddleheads on at after 7:30pm) and board president Yasi Zeicher will be playing and singing (dancing too?) with her siblings and solo at part of St. Patrick’s Day events on 3/17/21.

There will be poetry new and old with Greg Delanty’s ‘No More Time’, or ‘I Am Ireland’ with Tom Hanley and Cindy Hill reading the poetry of Irish identity from 500 BC to 1950.

Dance with Gerlisa Garrett’s series of easy lessons for beginner ceili dancers, or join a live workshop from the University of Vermont’s Celtic Cats. Sit back and watch as performers from the McFadden Academy of Irish Dance.

Learn a few phrases in Irish from Mícheál Ó Máille. Or listen to the children’s story of Finn McCool with Ruth Murphy. The Festival will include an excerpt from the Irish Embassy’s ‘Douglass Week,’ celebrating the civil rights activist Frederick Douglass on the 175th anniversary of his visit to Ireland.

Music abounds every day, from Andy Naughton’s songs in Irish, O’hAnleigh’s ballads and tunes, instrumentals by trad musicians Sarah Blair, Santoro and Lemire, John Murray, Mary Ann Samuels, and the Zeichner Trio.

Check the website for full calendar listings, registration for live events and access to playlists. And follow the Festival on Facebook.

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