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2 March 2021

YT Festival Contest, Showcase and Tribute concert (5/1/21 and 5/2/21)

We weren’t sure YTV would do a contest this year, part of the annual Young Tradition Festival, which typically happens during the week prior to and the weekend of the 1st weekend in May. Based on feedback, including 39 folks who expressed interest in participating (some of those as solos, some duos, some larger ensembles), we have chosen to go ahead with the contest and a couple of other parts of the festival, all of it online.
Besides the contest we’ll also proceed with the Saturday mentor/mentee showcase concert (14 mentor/mentee combinations have expressed interest) and the Sunday tribute concert, this year the plan is to focus on and feature apprenticeship/master artist collaborations, done in partnership with the Vermont Folklife Center.  We’ve decided to not do the usual weekday evening concerts, school programs and hospital visits the week prior.

This web site has information about the 2020 contest:  We haven’t updated the site for the 2021 contest yet, but last year’s information gives an idea of what to expect in 2021.  4/15/21 is the contest submission deadline.  Contest finals (afternoon) and mentor/mentee showcase (early evening) will happen on 5/1/21 and the tribute event (afternoon) will happen on 5/2/21.

More information to come, including updates for the YTV web site.  Any questions or comments in the meantime welcome.  Thrilled that we can salvage this much of the YT Festival in 2021.