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2 May 2021

Young Tradition Festival Tribute Concert 5/2/21

Young Tradition Festival concludes today (5/2/21) at 3pm with the annual Tribute Concert, this year featuring the Vermont Folklife Center’s Apprenticeship Program

Yasi Zeicher (YTV Festival Manager) and Mark Sustic (YTV Executive Director) will make some comments at the beginning and at the end, but most of the program will feature live intros and interviews and pre-recorded video segments hosted by Mary Wesley and Kate Haughey from the Folklife Center.

Interviews and presentations will include:

  • Pete Sutherland and Maeve Fairfax
  • Dominique Dodge and Ellie Freebern
  • Pete Sutherland and Isabella Rottler
  • Kate Smith and Jude Poor
  • Migmar Tsering
  • Pete Sutherland and Emmett Stowell
  • Bhutanese Nepali Cultural Heritage Dance Group VT

Livestream links starting at 3pm:

  • Youtube:
  • Facebook: