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1 June 2021

CANCELLED Fiddleheads Residency with Joanne Garton

Joanne Garton leads a Fiddleheads rehearsal on 8/7/21, in preparation for a performance at about 1pm on 8/8/21 at the Northeast Fiddlers Association meeting at Hope Davey Memorial Park in Waterbury.  

Rehearsal will start at 10am and finish by 11am.  Participants should be at an intermediate to advanced level and ideally willing to commit to both the rehearsal and the performance, although just doing the rehearsal would be acceptable.  

Joanne is a fiddler and dancer from Montpelier. She performs, teaches, and records traditional music from Scotland and Cape Breton with big influences from Ireland, England, Quebec, Appalachia and New England.  She also dances to this music — Cape Breton (Scottish) step, Highland, ceilidh and other percussive dance styles that pass through New England.  Regarding her approach to music and performing, she says, ‘The tunes inspire a journey. Despite my best intentions to track my route, all I can do is go along for the ride. And I’m overjoyed to do that.’

More information about Joanne here: 

To reserve a spot, send a message to – confirmation will follow.