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4 June 2021

Touring Group at Old Songs 6/27/21

The Young Tradition Touring Group will present a concert at the 2021 Old Songs festival on Sunday 6/27/21, starting at 3:15pm and concluding at 4pm, live streamed from Elley Long Music Center in Colchester.  The performance will not include a live audience, but can be viewed online at the Old Songs website:  Sound/tech production provided by YTV board member/secretary Duncan Yandell.

The Youth Commission will open the program (all 5 members of the Commission are also members of the Touring Group).  Mark Sustic (2020/2021 Manager), Oliver Scanlon (2020/2021 Artist Leader) and others will comment and make announcements, and group members will introduce themselves.  The Touring Group will perform about 3 sets of music.  This performance will be the first and only time the 2020/2021 Touring Group will have had the chance to perform together and in person, since beginning rehearsals last September.