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6 September 2021

Instrument Loan Program and Instrument Petting Zoo

Every instrument has a story, and YTV tries to make sure those stories are told (receive it-carry it-pass it on).

When someone makes a donation to YTV’s instrument collection, we ask them to write up a description about where and who the instrument came from. Here is one from a fiddle donation (plus instructional books, CDs and a music stand) that we took in on 9/3/21:

My name is Barbara and I donated the fiddle. I used to attend Ashokan’s Music and Dance camps in the early 1990’s—Western and Southern Weeks—for years. I began to have arthritis issues and couldn’t dance as much as I wanted. Someone at Ashokan suggested I take ‘Fiddle from Scratch’—she even lent me her fiddle, as she was taking a dance class in that time slot. I NEVER expected to, after a week, play a waltz with the class for the whole camp watching. I borrowed a friends fiddle for a year, to see if I wanted to keep playing. After of playing for a year, someone, sorry I don’t recall who, was selling fiddles during Western Week and I bought my fiddle. I amazed myself with the progress I made, which really wasn’t very far, but WAY further than I ever expected. I took more fiddle classes at Ashokan, and other camps, including the Northeast Heritage Fiddle Camp. There is a lot of love connected with that fiddle. I hope it gives you as much pleasure as it did me.

Appreciation to Sarah King (loan program) and Alyssa Miller (petting zoo) for helping manage these important YTV programs and activities while doing their own demanding work in public education and nursing.