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20 September 2021

Touring Group 2021/2022

The Touring Group is designed to perform for and visits school and other organization, spend time with and learn from master musicians and dancers, share traditional music and dance styles, and establish relationships with young people and organizations with similar interests from other parts of the world and host them in Vermont.

The 2021-2022 Young Tradition Touring Group enters its 2nd full season of the pandemic with a combination of online and hoped-for in-person activities led by Artist Leader Pete Sutherland, Youth Artist Leaders Ava White and Ben Munkres, and Manager Kristin Bolton.  Recruitment, auditions and invitations have been completed.

The group will begin the season with online gatherings October through December, in accordance with YTV  COVID-19 Guidelines. This time will be used to develop some large group pieces with individual video recordings woven into an ensemble production. These recordings will be used for meeting with master musicians and other youth groups.

If COVID infections are significantly lower in December the group will hope to move ahead with in-person rehearsals and performances in the new year. If the virus situation improves dramatically, the group will consider one or two day trips to Quebec in late April. If it does not, they will plan to connect with other youth groups and master musicians virtually, meet online monthly throughout the spring and possibly have online performances.

As we’ve all learned from the past year and a half, the group will have to be flexible. While everyone wishes it could be more certain and more in-person, members of the Touring Group have said that being together virtually was valuable and rewarding and certainly better than not connecting at all. So, the group will start online and hope for the best!

Fundraising activities this year are minimal: a Kickstarter or other social media campaign and one group sponsor for each group member to recruit for our sponsor banner ($100).  All money raised with fundraising projects will be used to pay costs for artist leaders, guest artists, rehearsal and performance space, meals, transportation, etc.

Dates for rehearsals and possible performances and day trips have been set.

For more information about the Touring Group contact