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7 October 2021

Children’s Memorial Service

This year’s Children’s Memorial Service presented by the UVM Medical Center for families and friends of children who have died, will happen on 11/14/21 starting at 3pm at Ira Allen Chapel for those who choose to attend in person with appropriate COVID-19 guidance, or virtually with an online option. Some speaking and music segments will be live, some will be streamed live, and others will be pre-recorded. YTV’s annual contribution will be recorded at Ira Allen Chapel on 10/24/21 between 3pm and 4pm. Musicians will include YTV board members Ava White and Hadley Stockwell with Maeve Fairfax, all 3 of them extensively involved with many YTV programs and activities for over many years.

For further information about the service please call Dr. Marlene Maron at 802-847-4880 or visit