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17 November 2021

The Fretless workshop 12/16/21

A core part of the YTV Youth Commission is linking the ensemble with mentors who teach and share tunes, arrangements, and ideas.  

Mentors include Lisa Ornstein, made possible with support from the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program at the Vermont Folklife Center in Middlebury, and Hawktail, thanks to Brittany Haas and Natalie Neuert at the UVM Lane Series.

On December 16th the Youth Commission will spend some time with members of the Fretless who are in Richmond for a concert the same evening for Don Sheldon’s concert series.  

The Nelson Family Foundation is a core supporter of this project, a next step for musicians who have been part of other programs and who are interested in composing, arranging, teaching and ensemble leadership. 

Interested but not a Youth Commission member?  Want more information about the Youth Commission?  Contact