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20 June 2021 / Read more

Fiddleheads Residency with Joanne Garton starts 6/26/21

3-part Fiddleheads residency with Joanne Garton on 6/26/21, 7/17/21 and 8/7/21.

18 June 2021 / Read more

Program Descriptions: Instrument Loan Program

Gradually getting YTV program descriptions updated and re-formatted for the re-designed website.  

17 June 2021 / Read more

Juneteenth 6/19/21

Juneteenth is a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. Despite the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, declaring ‘that all persons held as slaves’ be freed, the news didn’t reach Texas until two years later on June 19, 1865.

16 June 2021 / Read more

World Refugee Day 6/20/21

World Refugee Day is an international day designated by the United Nations to honor refugees around the globe.

14 June 2021 / Read more

Youth Commission at Wake Robin 6/21/21

Part of a series of YTV collaborations with Wake Robin in Shelburne, the Youth Commission performs, in person, with precautions, on Monday June 21st at 2pm.

10 June 2021 / Read more

Lisa Ornstein workshop 7/30/21

Workshop with one of the best trad musicians, teachers and scholars in North America.

7 June 2021 / Read more

We Need You! YTV Operations Manager

Part time position for someone interested in supporting the mission, goals and values of Young Tradition Vermont, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to using traditional music and dance to support children, youth and young adults.

4 June 2021 / Read more

Touring Group at Old Songs 6/27/21

The Young Tradition Touring Group will present a concert at the 2021 Old Songs festival on Sunday 6/27/21, starting at 3:15pm and concluding at 4pm, live streamed from Elley Long Music Center in Colchester.  

2 June 2021 / Read more

YTV Website Update

Thanks to Dana Whittle, we’ve launched a revised, updated, redesigned website for Young Tradition Vermont.

1 June 2021 / Read more

Fiddleheads Residency with Joanne Garton

Joanne Garton is teaching at 3-part Fiddleheads residency on 6/26/21, 7/17/21 and 8/7/21.  

31 May 2021 / Read more

Summit School Trad Camp

The Summit School is presenting a long weekend trad music camp July 30-August 1.

30 May 2021 / Read more

Youth Commission at Black Creek Fiddlers’ Reunion

The Youth Commission performed at the Black Creek Fiddlers’ Reunion on 5/29/21.

29 May 2021 / Read more

Youth Commission at Black Creek Fiddlers Reunion pre-view

Young Tradition Youth Commission perform at the Black Creek Fiddlers Reunion this weekend, specifically 7pm Saturday night!

28 May 2021 / Read more

Farewell Reunion, last Friday in May

A concert, a potluck, a community gathering, and one of the 2 major fundraising projects for the Tom Sustic Fund.

27 May 2021 / Read more

Touring Group Archives

A Young Tradition Touring Group blast-from-the past…. 1st school visit during 1st Touring Group tour in England in April 2014. We estimate that the group has visited at least 50 schools in England and other countries since this first one.

25 May 2021 / Read more

Fiddleheads for Beginners part 2

Fiddleheads for Beginners with Fiona Stowell is scheduled for 5/29/21 at 1pm via Zoom. Please confirm at if you are planning to attend. Will send the Zoom link after you have confirmed. We need at least 5 to go ahead. You don’t have to have attended the 1st session to attend the 2nd one. […]

8 May 2021 / Read more

2021 Young Tradition Festival participants

Here’s a list of folks who performed in some way during the 2021 Young Tradition Festival.  Dangerous because there’s a fair risk of leaving someone out, but had to try.  Thank you all! 129 participants for 3 events 58 5/1/21 contest 1. Carling Berkhout 2. Jaimie and Sean Oshima 3. Corie and Katie Pressley 4. […]

7 May 2021 / Read more

Youth Commission

The Youth Commission (Maeve, Anya, Hadley, Eme, Ben) continues to rehearse in East Middlebury, including Saturday afternoon (5/8/21). Preparations are underway for recording sessions with Colin McCaffrey and performances at a couple of virtual summer festivals. EP release planned for August with a TBA release concert by the end of summer. Here’s a quick post-performance […]

6 May 2021 / Read more

Anna Butcher interview and performance 5/7/21

The next live interview and pre-recorded performance featuring current and alumni Touring Group members goes live on Facebook on Friday (5/7/21) by 7pm, featuring Anna Butcher. In addition to the Touring Group, Anna has been involved with a variety of YTV programs over the years, including Trad Camp, Young Tradition Festival and showcase performances. She‘s […]

5 May 2021 / Read more

YTV Advisory Group

The YTV Advisory Group consists of past, present and future friends of the organization, including Board of Directors members, program participants and their families, funding partners, influencers and key stakeholders, designed to provide advice and guidance to YTV in addressing its mission, vision, values and goals. The goal is to consider YTV’s accomplishments and challenges, […]