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12 April 2021 / Read more

Fiddleheads for Beginners 5/15/21

One of the many challenges of continuing to operate during the pandemic is that many of our ‘entry points’ have been blocked – Trad Camp, Fiddleheads, fiddle tune clubs, school assemblies, family dances, Instrument Petting Zoo installations at festivals, libraries, farmer’s markets, etc. – programs and activities that can open the doors to traditional music […]

9 April 2021 / Read more

Ada Schenck interview and performance 4/9/21 7pm

Ada Schenck does the Touring Group live interview slot tonight (4/9/21 7pm on YTV’s Facebook page Over 20 interviews have happened since October 2020, all associated with pre-recorded performance videos that are posted within the hour prior to the live interview.  Aidan Palmer is on tap for 4/16/21. All interviews and performances remain on […]

7 April 2021 / Read more

Touring Group Sponsor Banner

Last call for sponsor banner contributions supporting the 2021 Young Tradition Touring Group. For $50 you can join with the others listed here and have your name, your family, your business, your organization included and shared on social media, the web site, in e-mails, at performances and during the virtual world tour April 18-22 for […]

6 April 2021 / Read more

Town Hall Theater in Middlebury 4/3/21

Link to full Touring Group program presented by Town Hall Theater in Middlebury on 4/3/21.

2 April 2021 / Read more

final full concert by the 2020/2021 Touring Group

4/3/21 is the next and likely the final full concert by the 2020/2021 Touring Group before the virtual tour start April 18th   Presented by the Town Hall Theater in Middlebury, Vermont.   The Young Tradition Touring Group will perform a 45-60 minute online concert on Saturday, April 3, 2021 starting at 7pm for the […]

30 March 2021 / Read more

4/3/21 Touring Group on YouTube and Facebook

Touring Group concert presented by the Town Hall Theater in Middlebury on 4/3/21 starting at 7pm….. available on You Tube and Facebook  

26 March 2021 / Read more

McKinley James interview and performance 3/26/21

McKinley James interview and performance video publishes today (3/26/21) at 7pm on Comm Arts This is the premier pilot episode for a series of interviews with and performances by young artists, hosted by Mark Sustic and presented by Young Tradition Vermont with CommArts. McKinley is a classical and traditional cellist getting her master’s degree from McGill […]

20 March 2021 / Read more

A Celtic Equinox 3/19/21-3/21/21

A Celtic Equinox continues today from Vermont and Ireland with several YTV representatives, including board member Ava White and Touring Group members Hilary Menegaz Weitzner and Owen Kennedy. YTV/Comm Arts interview and performance collaboration pilot beginning soon.

19 March 2021 / Read more

Maple Sweet from Vermont Folklife Center Includes Youth Commission leader Meave Fairfax…… hosted/produced by Mary Wesley, including Pete Sutherland, Margaret MacArthur and more! Just Maeve’s part here:

16 March 2021 / Read more

Fiddleheads and Sarah Blair 3/16/21

Fiddleheads and Sarah Blair will be part of the program tonight 3/16/21 at the Burlington Irish Heritage Festival. More info about all festival activities, including registration info photo with Sarah Blair with 8 of the 14 residency participants from 3/6/21 rehearsal, preparing for tonight…..

13 March 2021 / Read more

2021 Young Tradition Festival

The 2021 YT Festival is ON (line) the first Saturday and Sunday in May.  Spread the word! We asked if anyone would be interested, sending surveys in late February/early March…… 50 responded ‘YES’ when asked if they would be interested in entering the contest as an online contestant (entry deadline is 4/15/21, 10 finalists will be […]

12 March 2021 / Read more

Burlington Irish Heritage Festival 3/13/21 through 3/17/21

From Saturday the 13th to Wednesday the 17th (St. Patrick’s Day), the Burlington Irish Heritage Festival has a feast of education and entertainment through live events and special recordings to celebrate Irish culture. YTV will be represented on 3/16/21 by Sarah Blair and Fiddleheads as part of a Greg Delanty poetry reading that starts at […]

9 March 2021 / Read more

Celtic Equinox 3/19/21-3/21/21

Young musicians – including Ava White (YTV board member), Owen Kennedy and Hilary Menegaz-Weitzner – (and some important collaborators and friends) involved with Young Tradition Vermont programs and activities will be featured at Cabot Arts’ presentation of Celtic Equinox the weekend of March 19-21, in addition to the Zeichner Trio (including Yasi Zeicher, YTV President) […]

8 March 2021 / Read more

Matt Flinner with Jamie Masefield, Will Patton and Pat Melvin 3/19/21

Young Tradition Vermont is supporting and being supported by the UVM Lane Series on Friday March 19th at 7:30pm when Grammy-nominated mandolinist Matt Flinner with Jamie Masefield, Will Patton and Pat Melvin do an evening of acoustic bluegrass, jazz, roots and improv. Tickets available here

8 March 2021 / Read more

Ben Munkres interview and performance video 3/12/21

A pre-recorded performance video by current and longest serving Touring Group member Ben Munkres will be posted on the YTV Facebook page about 1 hour in advance of a live interview that starts at 7pm on Friday March 12th. Video sample of Ben playing piano with the 2019/2020 YTV Youth Commission, which he continues to […]

7 March 2021 / Read more

3/6/21 Touring Group concert presented by the Chandler Center

Complete Touring Group concert presented by the Chandler Center on 3/6/21 on Facebook

6 March 2021 / Read more

Busy Saturday for YTV

10am Fiddleheads residency rehearsal with Sarah Blair and preparation for 3/16/21 performance for the Burlington Irish Heritage Festival. 3pm Touring Group rehearsal and preparation for 7pm performance for the Chandler Center in Randolph 7pm Touring Group (Youth Commission as opener) first performance of the year for the Chandler Center in Randolph (access via Chandler Center […]

4 March 2021 / Read more

Fiddleheads for Young Beginners

Not having a typical Trad Camp in 2021, Instrument Petting Zoo installations, rug concerts, and school assemblies shuts off much of our usual range of options for entry level opportunities for young beginner level musicians/dancers. Fortunately we still have the Instrument Loan Program operating at the same level as when COVID-19 wasn’t impacting so much. […]

2 March 2021 / Read more

YT Festival Contest, Showcase and Tribute concert (5/1/21 and 5/2/21)

We weren’t sure YTV would do a contest this year, part of the annual Young Tradition Festival, which typically happens during the week prior to and the weekend of the 1st weekend in May. Based on feedback, including 39 folks who expressed interest in participating (some of those as solos, some duos, some larger ensembles), […]

27 February 2021 / Read more

Sebastiaan West 3/5/21 7pm

Sebastiaan West – Touring Group alum and currently attending college in the Netherlands – will be interviewed on Friday March 5 starting at 7pm (Saturday at 1am for Sebastiaan) on Young Tradition Vermont’s Facebook page  A pre-recorded performance will be posted within the hour prior to the interview.