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2nd Online Old Time Banjo Festival

19 June 2020 - 21 June 2020
All day
on line

Mike Seeger Commemorative Old Time Banjo Festival

Jun 19 at 8 PM – Jun 21 at 9:30 PM

June 19-21, 2nd Online Old Time Banjo Festival Hosted by Cathy Fink & Brad Kolodner

Cathy Fink & Brad Kolodner are happy to present the 2nd Online Old Time Banjo Festival. We have an all-star lineup of workshop instructors and performers featuring Rhiannon Giddens, Rachel Eddy, Paul Brown, Laurel Premo, Joe Newberry, Brad Kolodner and Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer.

Register here: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/otbf2june2020/379195

Concerts will be streamed worldwide via YouTube both nights.
Pay what you can. Concerts will be streamed via Brad’s YouTube page here: https://www.youtube.com/user/bradleydg5/videos

FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2020
8-10pm Eastern
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Joe Newberry, Rhiannon Giddens, Brad Kolodner

8-10pm Eastern
Paul Brown, Laurel Premo, Brad Kolodner, Rachel Eddy, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer

Sunday June 21
7:30pm Eastern
Instructor Led Jam for Weekend Pass Holders Only
Grab your banjo or instrument of choice and join us for a jam via Zoom! A variety of commonly played Old Time tunes will be played at a moderate tempo so you can play along. We’ll be taking requests. Virtual jamming has never been so much fun!

COST: $30/workshop – Preregistration Required (Click Here to Register): https://www.tickettailor.com/events/otbf2june2020/379195
Pay what you can concerts ($25 suggested donation)
$150/full weekend pass (includes all workshops and concerts and a Slow Jam on Sunday evening at 7:30pm)
If registration is beyond your budget, please contact us for sliding scale. We WELCOME any sponsors who might want to contribute to this event.

We will send a private Zoom meeting link the week of the event, archived recordings of workshops will be available after the event.


12-1:30pm Rhiannon Giddens
Rhythm In The Hand – Black String Band and Minstrel Techniques for Fretted Banjos
My style of banjo playing is long on rhythm and short on fancy licks; it was massively influenced by playing with Joe Thompson, one of the last living links to the vastly important and underreported black string band tradition. I have also been immersing myself in the fretless minstrel banjo tradition from the mid 1800’s and discovering super cool techniques that have been discarded over the years in the move to modern banjo playing. We will be looking at these two strands, and how we can apply them when it comes to playing a well-known tune. The basic clawhammer bumditty will be a must, and double thumbing would be great if you have it for the minstrel stuff, but overall my aim is to get you to do a lot with a little, and shake up some banjo assumptions. I will demonstrate some things on my minstrel banjo, but don’t fret, your normal banjo will be fine.

2-3:30pm: Cathy Fink
Singing with The Banjo: Arranging a Song and Its Accompaniment
We will learn techniques and ideas for song accompaniment, starting with figuring out what key you sing in and what tuning you will play in. Then, we will go through the steps to create a cohesive arrangement with introduction, vocal backup, instrumental turnarounds, solo instrumental breaks and how to close the song.

4-5:30pm: Joe Newberry
Techniques to Upgrade Your Banjo Skills
This class will feature a mix of famous and not so famous (although they should be) tunes, which will serve as a springboard to techniques to enhance your playing. Topics will include “Fifth String as a Melody Vehicle,” “The Under-u]Used Second Fret,” “Putting Drive in Your Right Hand,” and “Slides, Pulloffs, and Hammer-Ons.”


12-1:30pm: Brad Kolodner
Playing Up The Neck
Learn the skills and techniques needed to help you venture beyond the 5th fret and discover the joys of playing up the neck. Brad will detail the various anchor spots and go-to patterns up the neck in Open G and Double C Tuning that can help you efficiently piece together melodies without playing finger gymnastics. Whether you’re relatively new to the banjo or a seasoned vet, you will take away new ideas to implement in your playing. Brad will teach a tune or two as a vehicle for demonstrating these concepts.

2-3:30pm: Rachel Eddy
Expand Your Approach
For players of all skill levels, Rachel will demonstrate tips and tricks for expanding the way you approach a tune with fresh variation ideas. They will also review their approach on how to use good economy of motion to get the most out of your instrument. A tune or two will be taught to reinforce these concepts.

4-5:30pm: Laurel Premo
Thumb: Power and Expression
For beginners/intermediates it’s exact tone and technique to get it strong and right as the drone tool, and a small introduction to drop thumbing: For advanced it’s using the drop thumbing and off beat drop thumbing tor beautifully syncopated old tunes. This will be a fluid flow from intermediate to advanced, with a lot of different sections or excerpts from tunes, progressively becoming more complex.
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