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41st Shelburne Farms Harvest Festival

21 September 2019
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Shelburne Farms


A full-day celebration of Vermont farm and food traditions.  Children’s activities, entertainers performing on multiple stages, artisans sharing their skills and crafts, and delicious farm-fresh food.  Farms animals and horse-drawn rides!  A community event for the whole family.

Performers include Tony Demarco, Jon Gailmor, Alexis Chartrand & Nicolas Babineau, Zigue, Mikahely, Very  Merry Theater, Linda Bassick, Bob & Andrea Teer, Brian Perkins & ONE Band, Celtic Company, SVER, Yasi Zeichner & Fiddleheads, & many more.

More info https://shelburnefarms.org/calendar/event/41st-annual-harvest-festival

  • Linda Bassick with Trudy Cosgrove, Lexi Hall & Jillian Bradley from Girls Rock Camp: Linda is director of Girls Rock Camp, which Trucy, Lexi and Jillian attend. Linda is a member of the Burlington based 60’s tribute band, Mellow Yellow, and the 7 piece, all woman band, Steady Betty. She has played music for children for MANY years, and plays kids music every friday at the Radio Bean.
  • Jesse Bruchac is a Abenaki storyteller, author and language teacher. He has dedicated much of his life to studying the Abenaki language and preserving the Abenaki culture. Jesse has also taught other Eastern Algonquian languages including the Lenni Lenape, Unkechaug, Shinnecock, Penobscot, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, Mohegan, Munsee and Unami. He has worked as composer, a translator for television and film and as translator, dialect/dialogue coach and composer for National Geographic. He has travelled throughout the US teaching Abenaki language and culture. When he is not traveling, he works at the Ndakinna Education Center and teaches wilderness survival classes.
  • Jim Burns & George Ainley: Old time southern fiddlers.
  • David Carpenter: Old time fiddler and farmer from Cabot specializing in New England contra dance music.
  • Celtic Company: Performance troupe of Irish, Scottish & Cape Breton Step dancers who perform high-energy traditional and contemporary dances to lively music. Founded by Heather Morris and a core group of dancers, they share a love of Celtic dance across the northeastern United States.
  • Alexis Chartrand & Nicolas Babineau: Two young Québécois musicians brought together by a common passion for traditional music.They combine their sensitivity for this music and their interest in archival old recordings, sometimes playing pieces with two violins, sometimes melodies accompanied on the guitar, with feet rhythm energizing the dance tunes.
  • Michele Choiniere & Isabella Rottler: Michele is an award-winning Smithsonian Folkways recording artist. She is from a musical Franco-American family and began performing traditional Franco-American music at an early age with her late father Fabio. She writes and composes her own songs and has performed for audiences throughout New England, Quebec and France. Her daughter Isabella plays fiddle and is an award winning dancer.
  • Tony Demarco: Known as the ‘Tradfather’ of the New York sessions scene, where practitioners of Irish traditional music gather to play. He is the central figure of the Irish traditional music scene in New York and one of its few members to pursue the art full time. Brooklyn-born, of mixed Italian and Irish descent.
  • Fiddleheads & Yasi Zeichner: Fiddleheads is a Young Tradition Vermont program for musicians (not just fiddlers) of all ages, meeting once a month at the Burlington Violin Shop to prepare for performances like the Harvest Festival.
  • Jon Gailmor: An exciting Vermont singer-songwriter and performing artist whose voice and music continues to leave a lasting impression on listeners of all ages throughout Vermont.
  • Albert Joy: Entertainer, accordion player and busker from Burlington drawing from the traditional form of English dancing originating in the border region of England and Wales.
  • Ed Larkin Old Time Dancers: Tunbridge farmer and maple syrup producer, Ed Larkin, kept the contra dance alive in Vermont in the late 1800s. Today, his namesake troupe carries on contra dancing traditions. The troupe is the oldest contra dance organization in the United States, beginning around 1880.
  • Peter Macfarlane: Peter relocated to Vermont from the UK where he played regularly for Scottish dances, ceilidhs and weddings. He performs with Atlantic Crossing, Frost and Fire, teaches fiddle, custom builds cedar strip canoes, and is co-founder and musical director of the Champlain Valley Scottish Fiddle Club. • Mikahely: A singer/songwriter/guitarist from Madagascar who plays roots music & jazz fusion.
  • Romy Munkres and Ben Munkres: Siblings and winners of the 2018 Young Tradition Contest. Romy Munkres plays fiddle with her brother Ben on piano. Romy is the 2019/2020 commissioned artist/ambassador for Young TraditionV ermont.
  • ONE Band: The ONE Band (Old North End Neighborhood Band) is an open teen ensemble playing the traditional music of Burlington. Ask about the ONE Band book and how you can help provide a copy to a motivated young musician participating in this community music program.
  • Brian Perkins: Performing musician and music educator. The beneficiary of a strong public school music education program, he is determined to return the favor by helping youth and adults express themselves and their shared culture though music.
  • SVER: Epic Nordic folk music with relentless energy and seductive spark taking you on a fantastic musical journey. Ranging from the very dreamy to a swinging, pounding and sweaty madness. Performances throughout Europe and the US and one of the most acclaimed live acts in the Nordic folk scene.
  • Bob & Andrea Teer: Husband and wife duo, most often performing with their band Shellhouse, taking the name of a mountain where they live in Ferrisburgh. Educators and musicians, they perform many of Bob’s original songs. Well known for a special and unique sound and a lot of fun.
  • Very Merry Theater: A unique touring theater company for children and teenagers, ages 6-18. Each year students learn the art of performance in home school and after school programs, residency programs and summer camps.
  • David Duncan Yandell & David Yandell: Father and son playing Cape Breton style fiddle and piano. David has studied at the Berklee School of Music and is a past winner of the annual Young Tradition Contest.
  • The Zeichners: Each a strong and well-developed singer, their voices blend in both harmony and unison as only families can. Bringing age-old melodies alive with creativity in voice and instrument, the group has gained a reputation in Vermont as standard-bearers of the tradition.
  • Zigue (Dana Whittle, Claude Methe & Aimee Methe): Pronounced “zeeg” have been a family in music for more than 25 years. Québec native Claude Méthé , Aimee Méthé and transplanted New Englander Dana Whittle have lived, breathed, performed, created, taught and shared their music across Canada, the US and overseas. Dynamic singers and prolific composers, they are members in good standing of Québec’s living musical tradition.