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Avery Book and Gideon Crevoshay World Vocal Workshop

11 January 2020
10:00 am
Seven Stars Center

Join us for a vocal workshop presented by Gideon Crevoshay and Avery Book. This will be a day of powerful, spine-tingling, and heartfelt songs from the Republic of Georgia, Corsica, Sardinia, Kurdistan, North American harmony singing traditions, and songs of struggle and resilience. We will also explore call and response songs, improvisation, and sound meditation practices.
Collectively, Avery and Gideon have traveled and studied in Sardinia, Georgia, Bulgaria, the Balkans, the British Isles, Corsica, and Turkey. They have been singing together since they were teenagers, and teach and perform together with the Tenores de AterĂșe and Starry Mountain Singers. They are both longtime teachers with Village Harmony, and have a dynamic and highly collaborative teaching style that draws out daring music making and community building with participants and pushes their students toward deep engagement with the music.

Avery Book has worked as a community organizer for about 15 years in various organizations around the US, which has deepened his knowledge of and interest in the power of singing as an organizing tool. He leads the Vermont Solidarity Singers, a collective of singer-activists who bring their voices to events and protests around the state. Avery has been deeply involved in working class-led social movements for universal healthcare and workers’ rights. He has become well-known as an arranger of social justice songs.

In addition to his interest in traditional and ancient music, Gideon Crevoshay has been working in the experimental and collaborative realms of music for many years with the Brooklyn-based music collective, Found Sound Nation. He has worked with musicians from over 30 countries and co-led socially-engaged music projects in Turkey, Russia, the Balkans, and around the US. He is currently writing music for an immersive sound and film installation in Brooklyn, NY to be premiered in the spring of 2020.

Sliding Scale Pricing. $40.00-$80.00 Donation.
Schedule will be flexible with a morning session
Break for Lunch (bring your own)
Concluding with a final session.
There is a small refrigerator, a microwave and a kuerig but no kitchen facilities.