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Beaton-Plasse house concert

16 November 2019
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
East Montpelier home of Tracy Loysen and Rob Duncan

Cape Breton fiddler Andrea Beaton joins forces with Québécois fiddler Véronique Plasse in the duo Beaton-Plasse.

These two accomplished and energetic fiddlers fuse music from their respective traditions, adding original compositions to the mix. Andrea and Véronique take turns exploring melody and accompaniment, mesmerizing audiences with their intensity and precision. Their love for their cultures, authenticity and the delight they get from playing music together shines through every time their bows cross the strings.

Andrea is known as a powerhouse, and comes from two of Cape Breton’s most prolific musical families. Both the Beatons and MacMasters have been intrinsic parts of the preservation and growth of the fiddle and dance culture of the island. Andrea continues this by sharing the old Scottish melodies and step dancing, as well as contributing her own compositions to Cape Breton’s repertoire. She is in high demand as a performer and teacher of her culture throughout North America and Europe.

Véronique is recognized as a gifted performer, arranger and teacher of the music she loves. Said to be a tour-de-force by those who know her, she plays and sings with soul and power that comes right from her inner core. She works to preserve and share the traditional music of Québec by leading jam sessions and a chorale of traditional singers who perform regularly. Her dynamism paired with her superb leadership skills have put her in high demand for performances and fiddle camps near and far.

The concert is at 7pm, and there will be a potluck dinner at 6pm for anyone who is interested. Suggested donation to the musicians is $15-20 for adults, less or free for kids (you decide what makes sense for your family). Reservations are strongly encouraged as seating is limited. To reserve a spot or for directions or more information, contact Tracy at 802-223-1234 or taloysen@aol.com.