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Brattleboro Pub Sing led by Tony Barrand and Amanda Witman

15 June 2019
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
McNeill's Brewery

Join us as we raise our voices together and indulge in two solid hours of satisfying songs. All are welcome! Lead a song, join in on the choruses, or just enjoy a pint and listen.

We favor songs with easily-learned choruses or familiar songs that are known by many. Pub songs, work songs, sea shanties, and other traditional songs are typical. Songs are usually led by an individual, with everyone welcome to join in on the chorus. We sing exclusively from memory, which means we don’t refer to printed music, books, or the Internet during our pub sing, so prepare beforehand if you plan to lead.

Harmony is encouraged and appreciated! And sit one out and listen every now and then — listening can be as satisfying as singing.

Locally brewed beer is always on tap, and the pub has other offerings as well, including non-alcoholic drinks and light fare. All ages are welcome in the pub.

Join us EVERY month of the year on the 3rd Saturday from 3-5 pm.

For more info: brattleboropubsing@gmail.com

“…sing your songs well, and sing your songs sweetly, and swear that your singing it never shall cease…”