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Emma Black

31 October 2018
9:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Light Club Lamp Shop

Emma Back Light Club Lamp Shop Residency in Oct 2018

Coming off her Summer 2018 “Little World” CD Release Tour, Emma Back brings her Avant-Folk Live-Looping to the Light Club Lamp Shop in Burlington VT on Wednesdays in October with Special Guests.

Back uses a loop pedal to create lush layers of vocal and string harmonies, accomplishing a sonic and poetic lyricism that reaches deep into the past and far into the future simultaneously. With lyric content that investigates how to heal personal and global conflict, “(Back’s) charming sensibilities, excellent structuring and arranging, as well as her ability to confound emotionally will likely bring listeners back for repeat encounters” (Jordan Adams, Seven Days).

Special Guests:
10/3 – IvaMae

10/10 – Django Soulo

10/17 – Emma Cook

Emma Cook has been songwriting for over a decade. In that time she has recorded and produced four albums of original music rooted in folk lyricism, including her debut solo album Days of Wonder in 2011 and most recently releasing Take It Home with funk band collaborators Questionable Company. Performing throughout New England and the Midwest, Cook has been compared to contemporary artists like Sara Barielles, Amy Winehouse, and Susan Tedeschi. Described as “a formidable songwriter and instrumentalist” you can expect Emma to accompany herself on the keyboard or guitar [Seven Days, 2017

10/24 – TBA