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Fiddleheads with Sarah Blair at the Children’s Memorial Service

3 November 2019
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Ira Allen Chapel

The Children’s Memorial Service provides parents and families an opportunity to honor the memory of a child of any age who has died, in a supportive environment with other families, caregivers and community members.

Family, friends, healthcare providers and other community members are all welcome to attend the service regardless of whether their child was ever a patient at the UVM Children’s Hospital

For further information about the service contact Dr. Marlene Maron at 802-847-4880 or visit uvmhealth.org/childrensmemorialservice

Sarah Blair has led rehearsals in September and October at the Burlington Violin Shop, teaching 2 traditional Irish tunes selected for today’s program.  More info about Sarah at her web site: http://www.sarahblair.us.

Tunes the group will be playing: Siobhan Dwyer (traditional Irish, source is Tomas O’Canainn) and Seiothin Seotho (traditional Irish, source is Adele Fox and Neil Byrne)

Fiddleheads is about the enjoyment of traditional music and young musicians playing that music with others. Regular membership is welcome but not required. The tunes learned by the group depends on who the guest leader is. Sometimes its music from Quebec, sometimes Ireland, sometimes Scotland….. typically from places and sources with an active fiddling tradition. Tunes are taught by ear. Sometimes sheet music is provided by the group leader, but not always. If provided, sheet music and recordings are available after each session. ‘Fiddling is so much more than playing the tunes….. just as fishing is so much more than just catching fish.’